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San Antonio Youth Tellers at 28th Annual Storyfest

The San Antonio Youth Storytellers at this year’s Storyfest will be announced in a couple of weeks. Last years participants, Nicholas Campos, Daniela Sala, and Jonathan Tubb were named as National Youth Storytelling Torchbearers for 2015 at the Timpanogos Storytelling Conference and Festival in September. They told on the stage with the featured tellers. Texas had four National winners in all. The fourth was Ben Wilson, who was named for a second time. He was also named the Biggest Liar in Texas at the 2013 George West Storyfest. All four were coached by Mary Ann Blue.

Nicholas Campos is in the sixth grade at Saint Mary’s Hall. He is a National Youth Storytelling Torchbearer and was named the Biggest Youth Liar in Texas at the 2014 George West Storyfest. He loves telling stories, including bilingual ones, playing golf, traveling, and wearing crazy socks.

Daniela Sala is a fifth grader at Saint Mary’s Hall. She is a National Youth Storytelling Torchbearer and loves to tell stories in English and Spanish. She loved her trip to the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival in Utah, where she got to tell on the stage with author/storytellers Carmen Agra Deedy and Antonio Sacre.

Jonathan Tubb has been telling stories since he could talk. He is a fifth grader at Saint Mary’s Hall and a National Youth Storytelling Torchbearer. He likes telling stories, playing sports, and bothering his little sister.

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