George West Storyfest 2012 Storytellers

Storytelling Showcase

Featuring the Central Texas Storytelling Guild.

In 2009, Storyfest began what we hope will become another tradition at our festival: showcasing storytellers from a Tejas Storytelling Association affiliate guild. The first guild to participate was the San Antonio Storyteller Association. Member and Storyfest storyteller Mary Grace Ketner emceed the session. The first showcase was such a success that this year we have invited the Central Texas Storytelling Guild to join us for a showcase.

We want to thank Jo Virgil President of the Central Texas Storytelling Guild who coordinated the selection of storytellers who will tell a story this year in the Showcase:

Karen Hodges

Karen Hodges

Karen Hodges is a third-generation native Texan whose passion is storytelling because it is entertaining, educational, and brings generations together. She is an officer in the Central Texas Storytelling Guild and has been featured as one of the Rising Stars at the state storytelling convention. She has been the resident storyteller for 10 years at a camp for foster children and tells stories monthly at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden in Austin. Karen has chosen "Iron Horse Face-off" for the Storyfest audience.

Arvinell McClaren

Arvinell McClaren

Arvinell McClaren was raised believing that imagination was everything, but that LIARS were to be avoided at all costs. Only after she came to Austin and stopped teaching and going to the principal's office did she learn that if you become a storyteller,you can do both: USE YOUR IMAGINATION and LIE, LIE, LIE. "Hard Times and Sunshine" is the story Arvinell will tell this year.

.Lorene Stilwell

Lorene Stilwell

Lorene McHutcheon Stillwell spent her first decade in a small fishing village on the West Coast of Scotland where the main entertainment was singing and telling stories. Her second decade was spent as a military "brat" exploring exotic lands like Spain, Portugal, Morocco, France, England, the US, and finally Texas. She has been an actress, an author, a mom, and a wage slave. It is only in the past couple of years that she realized that she is and has always been a storyteller. Lorene tells stories drawn from her Scots and Celtic roots, finding that delving deep into one tradition casts a surprisingly wide net. Lorene will tell an excerpt from her one-woman show "Weathering Storm," a mix of folk tale, song, and family story.

Deborah Wilder

Deborah Wilder

Deborah Wilder was the 2010 rising Star from Central Texas Storytelling Guild. Her stories have entertained groups ranging from Cub Scouts to adult Sunday School classes and everything in between. Deborah is a "recovering" attorney who quit practicing when her now 15-year-old son was two. She discovered storytelling too late to enhance her law career. Deborah's story for the showcase is "The Parking Attendant."

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