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Storytelling in Schools

This year professional storytellers visit local and area schools to entertain and educate the students with the art of storytelling. Maintaining this oral tradition is important to our culture.

We began with only our local school district, from kindergarten through high school. As the years have progressed, we have been able to reach out to students in the area. We now have storytellers in ten different area school districts: George West, Three Rivers, McMullen County, Orange Grove, Mathis, Beeville, Pawnee, Pettus, Alice, and Skidmore-Tynan. The students are always fascinated with the storytellers, and the teachers and entire school district personnel seem most appreciative of this service that we provide at no charge to them.

Through the generosity of sponsors and granting entities such as Coastal Bend Community Foundation and the Texas Commission on the Arts. Storyfest provides local and area school children, who might not be able to attend the event, an opportunity to enjoy our rich heritage of storytelling and experience the performing arts.

This has always been part of the mission of the George West Storyfest Association, Inc. and one we are proud to have grown from our original four George West ISD campuses to the many area schools we now serve. We plan to continue to increase our outreach to schools as funding becomes available.

Storytelling in the Schools

NOTE: This program is offered free of charge to participating schools.

Friday, November 4, 2016

School ~ Storyteller

George West Primary ~ Decee Cornish

George West Elementary ~ Consuelo Samarripa

George West Jr. High ~ Consuelo Samarripa

George West High School ~ Doug Elliott

Three Rivers Elementary ~ Mark Babino

Alice –Schallert Elementary ~ Sheila Starks Phillips

Alice—Noonan Elementary ~ Carolina Quiroga-Stultz

Beeville—FMC Elementary ~ Mary Grace Ketner

Beeville—HMD Early Childhood Center ~ Mary Grace Ketner

Beeville First Baptist Church School ~ Donna Ingham

Beeville St. Phillips Episcopal School ~ Donna Ingham

Mathis Elementary ~ MaryAnn Blue

McMullen Co. ISD ~ Sue Kuentz

Orange Grove Primary ~ MaryAnn Blue

Pettus Elementary ~ Larry Thompson

Pawnee Elementary ~ Larry Thompson

Skidmore-Tynan Elementary ~ Tom McDermott

+Live Oak Nursing Center ~ Mary Grace Ketner

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Coastal Bend Community Foundation
Texas Commisison on the Arts
Raymond Brysch
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