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Johnny Campbell Cowboy Gathering

Date: Nov 04, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM - 02:00 PM
Location: Live Oak County Courthouse

John N. Campbell, In February of 2014, the cowboy poetry and storytelling world lost one of its finest fellows: John N. Campbell of George West. John was the only performer to participate on stage at all 25 of the first 25 years of Storyfest. He recited his original poetry and told stories about his experiences as a South Texas Brush Country cowboy, revealing a love and respect for the land and the particular breed of men who were and are known as cowboys.

To honor John—the poet, the storyteller, the cowboy, the man—the cowboy time at Storyfest will now be called the “Johnny Campbell Cowboy Gathering.”

Long-time friend Gil Prather penned these lines upon hearing of Johnny’s death:

Hey Johnny Campbell,
you finally went wandering,
seeking and trying to find
A green pasture to ride in,
on a horse that is your friend.
You are leaving memories behind,
A memory to cherish,
that leaves all of us sharing,
Your heart, your soul and your rhyme.
Tho tears are falling,
You made our hearts stronger,
By touching us in so many ways.
I have nothing left now to say,
Just another treasured one,
gone his way.

2017 Cowboy Participants:

Lee Haile
Monte Jones (aka Biscuits O'Brien)
Gil Prather
Stan Mahler
R.J. Vandygriff

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