Dobie Dichos

Date: Nov 03, 2017
Time: 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM

7th annual Dobie Dichos:

Campfires, Chili con Carne, and the Words of J. Frank Dobie

"Any tale belongs to whoever can best tell it!" J.F.D.

Presented by George West Storyfest Association, Inc., this event honors Live Oak County’s most famous son, J. Frank Dobie, to celebrate Dobie’s works and contributions to literature, folklore, and storytelling.

Texas writers/authors and storytellers read from or tell stories from the works of J. Frank Dobie under the stars on the grounds of the Historic Oakville Jail, located on IH37 in Live Oak County. The meal consists of a bowl of chili, pan de campo, a bottle of water, and dessert. Beer is available for purchase.

“If Dobie had left instructions in his will, the Dobie Dichos readings would be exactly as they are now. Stories told around a countryside campfire, friends eating barbecue and feeling blessed by the stars. Listen, our literary father's clapping.” -- Nan Cuba, author / poet

“Dobie Dichos is the next best thing to hearing Dobie tell his stories around a campfire.” - Robert Flynn, author

"Attending the magical DOBIE DICHOS evening with some of my Austin students and a San Antonio poet friend was one of the literary highlights of my recent years in Texas. All readings were stunning and transporting, and will change the way you think about J. Frank Dobie and our state forever. I urge everyone who can make it to attend!” - Naomi Shihab Nye, poet/ author

“One of the most luminous evenings of my life.” — Megan Hicks, storyteller

"Nothing like gathering 'round the firepit and having the words of the master flow over you!” — Mary Grace Ketner, storyteller

"Hard to resist a J. Frank Dobie love fest celebrated by fans with his words and in song around a bonfire in the bosom of his homeland." -- Claudia Maceo Sharp, Manager THE TWIG

“My courting days are long gone, but if I were a young man seeking to get a young woman interested in me, I couldn’t do better than to take her to Dobie Dichos -- no matter what the stage of the moon.” — Rick Casey, Reporter/ Journalist

"It's like going back in time. Just magic. Out there, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, listening to stories, it can slip your mind that the last century--or two--is actually over.” - Elizabeth Crook, author

"At Dobie Dichos we reclaim a timeless heritage as we gather round the campfire, swapping stories and summoning J. Frank Dobie's spirit out of the smoke.” — Steven L. Davis, author

“Texas folklore at its best!!" - Decee Cornish, folklorist

"Dobie Dichos is just the sort of gathering that J. Frank Dobie loved--especially with his Texas Folklore Society friends. With the campfire, the stories told around the fire, and a good bowl of chili, Dobie’s spirit is all around the Dobie Dichos gathering." - Fran Vick

Proceeds to benefit restoration of the
Dobie-West Performing Arts Theatre, George West, TX

To learn more about the Historic Oakville Jail, visit their website at

BYOLC: Bring Your Own Lawn Chair, eat a bowl of chili, and listen to top Texas authors and storytellers read from/tell stories from the works of noted folklorist J. Frank Dobie under the stars at the Historic Oakville Jail town square.

Participants for the 2017
William Jack Sibley ~ Master of Ceremonies and Co-Creator
Bill Wittliff ~ Author
Stephen Harrigan ~ Author
TBA ~ Author
Taylor Tomlin ~ Storyteller
Carolina Quiroga-Stultz ~ Storyteller
TBA ~ Storyteller
TBA ~ Music

Bill Wittliff

StePHen HarriGAN

Taylor Tomlin

Carolina Quiroga-Stultz


*Schedule Subject to Change without notice
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Dobie Dichos
Nov 03, 2017 | 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM


Historic Oakville 1856 jailhouse Inn
Texas Folklore Society
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